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HandyBRO is an ethical and law-abiding entity committed to the service of providing its Clients with home_Chef/ Executive Chef appropriate for prescribed jobs and providing home_Chef a safe, secure, and appropriate working environment. HandyBRO has a no-tolerance policy against any individual committing crimes or violating the law, whether a home_Chef or a Client. HandyBRO shall take strict actions against the Client in the event that HandyBRO suspects, receives information or is informed of any action, inaction, or intention of the Client to commit illegal or unlawful activities against the Team Member. You specifically agree that by using the website, you are at least 18 years of age and you are competent under law to enter into a legally binding and enforceable contract. By accepting the terms and conditions of this agreement, you agree to receive calls, messages, content for promotional and commercial purposes. Company holds the right to use this information to improve the products and services offered to you.

Home_Chef Services:

1. Home_Chef we provide are all under HANDYBRO HOSPITALITY PVT LTD payroll. They are trained and experienced cook’s but that does not mean they would be skillful for each and every cuisine existing as cooking is very diverse and vast and depends upon individual taste buds. Our team would be happy and proactively committing to learn new recipes and adjusting and abiding by instructions given to them by clients.

2. Services we provide come under a subscription plan and it's a prepaid service. Payment needed to be cleared on or before the due date. If in case of non clearing of dues on time, company can schedule cook and release time slot as per its requirement.

3. Mentioning of preferred timings at time of subscription doesn't mean the same time slot would be assured. It would totally depend upon availability and the team would keep you posted about the available time slot.

4. To get subscribed timeslot or home_Chef changed, clients need to update it with the customer care team and changes would be made only with availability . Home_Chef provided in the subscription plan would remain the same until HANDYBRO HOSPITALITY PVT LTD remove/shifts working area/society of the home_Chef, client asks us to change or home_Chef wants to get changed.

5. Clients can discontinue services by giving 7 days prior notice to customer care only in the subscription plan .Conveying of 7 days notice to home_Chef will not be considered at all. In case of same day termination by clients billing would be counted for the coming 7 days irrespective of any reason. HandyBRO would possess final say in case to make any amendments. HANDYBRO HOSPITALITY PVT LTD possess rights to terminate any services without prior notice in case of any discrepancy.

6. Payments to be made to HANDYBRO HOSPITALITY PVT LTD only. If any cash/loan/valuable presented to home_Chef by client, HANDYBRO HOSPITALITY PVT LTD will not be involved in repayment of any strictly.

7. No change in billing would be entertained post due date. Clients check the bill and reach out to customer care before the due date in case of any discrepancy.


9.Cleaning of any utensils by home_Chef are not included in the subscription plan. Home_Chef would be keeping the kitchen in the same way the client hands it over at time of home_Chef reaches a place.
Hygiene of kitchen would be maintained by cleaning of cooktop, kitchen platform, spillage done by home_Chef.

10.In the utmost scenario if HANDYBRO HOSPITALITY PVT LTD is unable to provide service on a particular day, that time of service would be waived OFF in the upcoming bill.
Any leaves provided by the client do not get waived OFF from billing. Leave taken from client end for straight 7 days will be eligible for getting waived off only if it is communicated with customer care only before going on leave but in this scenario timeslot and scheduled home_Chef would become eligible for other bookings & and scheduling again for the services would totally depend upon availability. Clubbing 7 days of leaves in a single stretch from two different months would not be considered because leaves would be part of two different billing cycles.

11.HANDYBRO HOSPITALITY PVT LTD requests a client to check the kitchen after home_Chef finishes with work. Report any damage or breakage caused by home_Chef immediately at the same time to customer care so that the team can provide a quick response to the scenario.

12.It is not possible to check the intention of any home-Chef deployed by handyBRO, therefore in case of any direct or indirect damage caused by the home-Chef it will be the sole responsibility of the home-Chef only and under no circumstances company is responsible and accountable for any kind of loss.

13.Any increase in headcount above the subscription plan will be billed as on a pro rata basis so it would be requested by the client to keep management posted about increase in headcount.

14.HANDYBRO HOSPITALITY PVT LTD provides trial and trial days would be included in billing if services are continued.

15.We expect you to provide a conducive, safe, and comfortable working environment to the home-Chef and inform you that it is your liability to keep the home-Chef safe and protected while working in your house by the means of providing proper utensils.

16.In case the Client hires the home-Chef directly which is introduced by us, handyBRO team has the right to recover the damage fee which is equivalent to 2 months’ salary of the home-Chef given by the HANDYBRO HOSPITALITY PVT LTD .

17. HANDYBRO HOSPITALITY PVT LTD is taking all possible steps, as per law, in terms of verification of home-chef. Further in case of any direct or indirect damage or any related situation Client and home-Chef can deal directly taking all available actions and legal resources without involving handyBRO. HandyBRO will not be liable for any activities or inactivities of the home-Chef upon deployment at the residence of the Client or during/after the course of Employment.

18.We do a thorough check of the home-Chef being assigned to you. However, it is difficult to know a human being’s ethical radar and control their morality. In case the home-Chef acts in a way that is beyond our scope or authority, handyBRO shall not be held responsible for the same but handyBRO would assist in all possible ways of providing personal details of home_Chef.

19.We take care of all the charges incurred while verification of home_Chef, selection of home_Chef, providing dress and training wherever applicable.

HandyBRO INDULGE (Executive chef service)

1.Quotation would be provided once menu, total headcounts and what kind services required are confirmed to the handyBRO team by client.

2.Menu can not be changed once the team reaches the place for preparation.

3.50% of quotation to be paid in advance to lock the Chef which is non-refundable/non-transferable.

4.Indent list would be shared only when advance is paid.